How I Became A

Canna Advocate

I'm CannaGirl918 & I'm like pretty much obsessed with cannabis. 

Growing up I was actually anti-cannabis. Seriously. Me. 😹

I began smoking in college & it loved that unlike alcohol, my anxiety was buffered a bit but I was in control. 

After graduation, I began my career as a tattoo artist. Canna after a long day was much easier to enjoy with no impact on my tattooing the next day. 💚

It was really all fun & games until my fiance's father was diagnosed with Cancer. He had no appetite while in chemo & he always had a sweet tooth. I learned how to make tincture so I could make hard candy for him. Then I began making canna butter to let him dose himself for daily maintenance. Once canna butter was in my fridge, it was all elevated from there.


I began making olive oil, cream cheese, even sugar. Now everything I make is elevated. Literally everything. We do a family dinner  each Sunday where I cook an elevated meal & dessert for my fam. Earlier this year I decided to turn my love for cannabis into a full passion project. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy. 

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