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We believe the most important events in your life should be distinctly, uniquely you.


No one bats an eye at open bars & endless drinks but what if you prefer to elevate instead of inebriate?

Or maybe you love both?

Who doesn't adore a mimosa in hand with

Mimosa in your bowl? It's your day!


Mari J. Bride is dedicated to elevating your wedding, bachelorette, high tea, baby shower, divorce celebration or birthday party. You know--all the big things!


We partner exclusively with women-owned brands to help you create the experience of your dreams while supporting the dreams of small business owners!

Partnered with a local woman-owned dispensary, we offer a variety of concierge cannabis services to create an unforgettable experience for you & your party. Whether it's a bridal on-site spa date for 3 or a birthday party for 100, we've got you covered,

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