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How To Make CannaButter

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Cannabis Butter is a classic & so simple to make--just in time for the holidays!

Hello canna baes! It’s Wednesday at #CampQuarantine & that means two things:

  1. I have not gotten dressed all day

  2. I have done a ton of meal prep

I try not to be on my soapbox about it *dusts off soapbox* edibles are for daily life. I use elevated butter, olive oil, coconut oil, distillate & kief to make my kitchen creations even more magical!✨

My personal canna journey began when my fiance’s father was diagnosed with Cancer. Going through treatment left him exhausted & without an appetite. Google recommended edibles. I am a problem solver & when shit gets real, ya girl anxiety bakes like a mfkn keebler elf. 🌈

Since we didn’t have dispos yet (remember the Dark Ages?) I set out to make my own canna butter. I adore cooking & 🧈may be my first love so this gateway condiment has since become a staple in my kitchen. 

Maybe you made canna butter before & weren’t a fan bc it was too grainy or maybe too planty. I get it. I hate it planty, like if I want greens, Imma eat a salad. My particular method has a few extra steps to help reduce the planty flavor. I've literally made this hundreds of times. It's almost impossible to fuck up 🙌

Super simple!

  1. Decarb your cannabis. This is a super way to use sugar leaves & trim + your house will smell delish

  2. Put canna, butter & water in a crockpot. A stockpot works on the stovetop but keep it low & keep an eye on it

  3. Strain & chill

  4. Pour off water

  5. Melt remaining butter & pour over canna butter disk

  6. Chill butter & use as you would any butter

If you hate the planty taste, you'll want to do the water bath again. I like to do it 3x for a very light butter w minimal canna taste. My cannagirl Teri hates the taste & this seems to be very user friendly! 

Want cannabutter without decarbing & all the steps? 

  1. Go to your local dispo.

  2. Ask for a distillate syringe. Not RSO. Distillate. You want it to be clear.

  3. Go home, melt 1lb butter

  4. Heat distillate syringe under hot running water

  5. Mix with butter in bowl

An entire syringe is 1000mg & if you use a lb of butter you will have a very specific dose per tablespoon. 1lb butter + 1000mg distillate = 31.25mg per tablespoon

1lb butter + 500mg distillate = 15.63mg per tablespoon

1lb butter + 250mg distillate = 7.81mg per tablespoon

So when you're cooking decide what dose you want per serving. 🤔  For example a cake that serves 8 & the recipe calls for 1/4 c butter. 1/4 c butter = 4 tablespoons 4 tablespoons x 31.25mg = 125 mg total 125 mg/8 servings = @ 15 mg/slice of cake

If you make your butter with tested cannabis, you can do the math for the dosing conversion in my decarb blog. It's a bit more math but you feel like a total badass when you sort it out. Of course you can also just add the distillate directly to whatever you are making bc distillate is pure fucking magic & now everything is an edible..just like me 😘 

Drop your favorite ways to eat your THC in the comments!

How do you like to make edibles? Butter or distillate?

I'm super excited to share this journey w you & of course, follow me for more recipes 🤍😹🤍

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