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Terpenes > Everything 🙌

Updated: Jan 3

You may think Indica makes you tired & Sativa wires you up, but actually, not so much...

I’m CannaGirl918 & I’m here to help you gain control over your canna experience (or the experience of a child or patient if you are a caregiver)

ICYMI: Judging Cannabis by indica or sativa is as useful as judging a woman by her body type. Indica & sativa refer to the leaf’s shapes & a few other physiological things but IT DOES NOT DETERMINE THE HIGH EXPERIENCE

“Indica & sativa are outdated ways of thinking about cannabis. These physical differences do not have any impact on how it makes you feel. That comes from terpenes, THC, & CBD. Terpenes are the things that make you giddy, sleepy, anxious & more.

You know how like the world decided metric was the way to be but the US was like “nah”? Sort of the same. The misinformation is SO deeply embedded in pop culture & canna culture, it’s nearly impossible to shift “popular opinion.” Luckily, IDGAF about popular opinion. If it can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth. This above all things.

Okay so now let’s talk canna! You KNOW that Sour Diesel 2 makes you hyper. You KNOW Blue Dream makes you sleepy. It’s not all in your head, right?

No, yeah it is. It’s a little real & a little placebo effect. You know, when you tell someone something has power even when it doesn’t & then they “feel the effects” that were never really there? #Placebo

So you THINK it makes you hyper & you THINK it calms you down, so it does.

But also, science! About that Sour Diesel 2, while it is a sativa strain, it’s the terpene Limonene that is the energy factor here.

Limonene is super common in nature, it’s energetic & bright, ya know that citrusy goodness 🍋 You grab your piece, blaze a bowl & are ready to tackle that to-do list. Or maybe just ready to tackle that watchlist. #NoJudgement

Fast forward, it’s bedtime soon & you’re ready for that sweet Blue Dream 🛌 You grab your blankie, the remote & blaze your bowl. Such cozy. Much sleepy. But it’s not the indica that did you in, it’s the high level of Myrcene! Myrcene is the most common terpene in cannabis strains & is responsible for that chill vibe you get when you smoke cannabis. It’s present in so many strains but the higher the %, the more chill you get.

When you look at the terpene profiles for the strains you love the most, you will start to see a pattern & who doesn’t love a good pattern? #HellooPolkaDots

This will help you pick the best strains for your unique chemistry & needs each & every time.

And by better understanding how terpenes impact your experience, you can better invest your money in strains that serve you specifically & sound like a badass science broad when you ask for what you want “I’m looking for a high myrcene strain, do you have any on special today?”

I’d be a total #fail if i didn’t warn you that by becoming a canna nerd, you are going to see a LOT of blank stares when you go into dispos. “Budtenders” are not trained medical pros, they are retail servers. Knowing the science of the strains falls on the person using the strain, not the one selling. The test data they have on the strains will reveal the terpene profile & this is for public use so don’t be bashful to ask about the data, it’s your money babes.

Next week you meet Myrcee & see why she’s everyone’s favorite friend!

Do you have mega canna questions? Drop them in the comments & let's smoke on it!

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