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✨ Meet The CannaGirls ✨

Terpenes & Girls Run The World

Today you're going to meet the CannaGirls but first I wanted to explain what this project means to me.

I’m own a digital marketing agency & a number of clients are in the cannabis industry. In 2019 Leafly offered a certified budtender workshop in OKC, I was in. Cannabis + Learning + Science = Magic for me & for my clients. What I learned blew my mind. I knew about terpenes before but not enough to make them work for me. They had experience stations where you could smell samples of these terpenes & also headphones where you could listen to soundtracks that reflected the vibe of a specific terpene. Terpenes are what create the head change & vibe we've been crediting to indica & sativa!

Terpenes are what create the head change & vibe we've been crediting to indica & sativa!

I Gotta Tell Somebody!

This was such bombshell moment for me. The fact you can guide your canna journey with specific terpenes & that it's true across all strains 😳

They make your cannabis work for you the right way every. single. time.

No luck. No guessing. No wasted money.

It literally changed the way I use cannabis & I wanted to help other women do the same. Sure all humans can use cannabis but women are the majority marketshare for consumers & as brand owners in many places #GirlPower

We use cannabis for ourselves but many women are also caregivers for family or patients & are learning how THC & CBD can be part of a variety of treatment plans. I wanted all women to feel empowered when they walk into a dispensary to ask for what they want & know that it will do what they expect every single time.

Meet The CannaGirls

Since canna is already a girl, I thought how rad would it be for each terpene to be represented by a girl who's the vibe & energy matched that terpene's effects. AAAnnnnnddddd what if these terpene characters were inspired by MY favorite strong women who medicate with cannabis?

Each woman represents a major cannabis terpene.

💜 Myrcene is represented by Myrcee

Inspired by my bff, she’s the perfect person to diffuse any situation. She's kind, creative & the best friend I could ask for

🧡 Terpinolene is represented by Teri

She's inspired by a woman that’s blazed her own way & hasn’t had to torch others to do it. She wants everyone to feel included & she makes everything a bit more fun.

❤️ Caryophyllene is represented by Cary

Cary is inspired by Teri’s wife. She’s small but mighty, a hard worker & the first one to tackle the to-do list. Her career paths resound with her orderly nature & she’s a methodical problem solver.

💚 Pinene is represented by Pinee

Inspired by a friend of mine that I met 7 long years ago. She has many roles as a business owner, mother & community leader & this dedication makes her a perfect pairing for a focus forward terpene.

💖 Limonene is represented by Lemi

Ta-da! It's me. I'm Lollie & I'm pretty much a walking cartoon character in real life, colorful & helium voiced. I'm bubbly, loyal & the ideal buffer for social situations, keeping you safe but social at the same time.

Let's Talk It Out

So I dropped some science & a lot of names in this blog but it's totally fine. I'll be introducing you to the girls individually, sharing what makes them so special & highlighting strains that each terpene features in & what these strains are best suited for. So subscribe to the list so you never miss a post & go pack yourself a bowl, you deserve it.

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